HPK Industries
Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and manufacture a wide variety of disposable garments and accessories. Our products are designed to meet the needs of patients, protect workers and processes in a variety of markets.

Among leading companies designing and manufacturing protective garments and accessories for healthcare, pharmaceutical, scientific, clean room, and industrial safety.  HPK products have established and maintained their reputation for quality. Service has always been a long standing tradition at HPK in which a proven process insures quality, fast and efficient production time for your order.  Providing customers the exact product needed without the wait, that’s the difference with Made in the USA.

Quality is number one

Quality is the first factor considered by our designers in the product development process, first tested by our staff, and being what is sought by the users of our products. HPK quality is the primary reason why our customers demand HPK products. Made in the USA since 1985.

Multiple product lines to meet your needs

HPK manufactures a broad array of disposables. The lineup includes disposable garments and accessories, clean room garments, medical non-woven products and introduced covers and closures.

Manufacturing is our strength

We are one of the only remaining companies continually manufacturing disposable garments and accessories for a diverse customer base solely in the United States.  HPK has a new headquarters and 65,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility located at 148 Industrial Park Drive Frankfort, NY.  We carry a wide range and large quantity of USA made raw materials that can be quickly converted into finished goods enabling us to deliver exceptional turn-around time and the ability to customize any product our customers exact requirement. Whether it be a special size or design feature HPK can deliver.

No excuses from us

HPK has perfected a build to order manufacturing process, each order is manufactured as it arrives.  Your delivery time will vary by the size of your order.  HPK’s products are never “on the water” “waiting to be off loaded” or “clearing customs”.  Supply chain issues are non-existant with HPK’s USA sourced raw materials.  HPK’s business was built on providing our customers a high level of service, carrying large quantities of raw materials and the ability to design and innovate products that our customers need. We deliver!

We want to earn your business

Serving customer needs is HPK’s number one priority!  We know customers expect more from us and we earn their business every day.  Give us an opportunity to show you the difference from buying from a manufacturing company that actually manufactures in the United States.

HPK Industries is proudly made In New York
HPK Industries' products are TAA compliant.
HPK Industries is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.