Alliance® Cleanroom Sleeve Protectors

  • Wrinkle free fabric provides professional look at the workstation
  • Extensive fabric stretch provides improved durability over non-woven fabrics used in cleanrooms. Alliance fabric moves with body movement, is nonrestrictive and has more flexibility than other non-woven clean room fabrics.
  • Alliance garments are designed to lower particulate levels by providing extremely smooth outer fabric surface that lowers particle cling and build up in cleanroom applications.
  • Alliance garments have a unique antistatic system that assures static dissipation in sensitive cleanroom applications.
  • Alliance garments have a unique built in cooling system.  Body heat and moisture is transmitted through the film coating from the inside and is not trapped as in transitional non-woven fabric.   An unsurpassed level of worker comfort is experienced.
  • Alliance garments are 100% inspected to assure cleanroom compatibility by eliminating any loose particulate causing matter. All Alliance garments are packaged in a sealed bag to insure particle control prior to entry into Class (100) and Class (10) critical control cleanrooms.
  • Alliance garments provide a liquid proof barrier that insures protection from hazardous substances used in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Research proceeds with confidence when Alliance is present.
  • Special ultrasonic sealed seam construction are employed in the Alliance product. This seam construction insures particles remain in side the garment and do not transfer through the seams and contaminate controlled environments.


HPK Industries is proudly made In New York
HPK Industries is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.
HPK Industries' products are TAA compliant.
  • Made from Alliance® Breathable Microporous Fabric
  • Ultrasonic Welded Seam Construction
  • Tunelized Elastic Wrist
  • Individually Bagged
  • Class 100 Compliant
  • 24″ in length
  • Made in USA with 100% Domestic Raw Materials



Additional information

 353 Alliance Sleeve Protector Individually Bagged  200/cs Made in USA
353 TL Alliance Sleeve Protector w / Thumb Loop Individually Bagged  200/cs Made in USA