HPK Industries
Business Update

As the demand for U.S. made disposable protective apparel increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic we addressed the immediate concerns in the market by expanding our capacity and product offerings.  Since 1985, HPK Industries has manufactured disposable apparel in facilities located in Utica, NY. 

HPK Industries - 148 Industrial Park Drive Frankfort, NY 13340

HPK Industries announcing opening of new facility!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new 65,000 square ft. manufacturing facility in August of 2020. HPK’s corporate offices and manufacturing operations are  located at 148 Industrial Park Drive in Frankfort, NY. 

Vulnerability Statement on the US PPE Supply

HPK Industries has voiced concerns in reference to being the only continually operating, full service disposable apparel PPE manufacturer since 1985, with production facilities entirely located in the United States. We have raised awareness to the vulnerability of the supply chain as a national security issue with the United States Government.  

HPK Industries - 148 Industrial Park Drive Frankfort, NY 13340

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